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The Office of Staff Resources is involved in employment issues. The first part is employment. We test applicants for pre-employment. The positions that we test for are: Deputy Sheriff and Control Room Operators. 

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Applicant Information

After the applicant passes the exam with a 70% or higher score, they may be called in for an interview. At the time of interview, an applicant is fingerprinted, given a job description for the position being interviewed, given a memo detailing the employment benefits and given exam locations information.

NOTE: An invitation for testing and a subsequent interview do not constitute a conditional offer of employment, nor are they to be considered as an employment contracts. All offers of employment come from the Sheriff of Calhoun County.

A LEIN (Law Enforcement Information Network) is made on an applicant through the National Crime Information Center (NCIC), The Secretary of State (SOS) for driving record and history, CMIS and a Computerized Criminal History (CCH). A check is also made through Internet Criminal History Access Tool (ICHAT). A background investigation is completed and submitted to the Sheriff. The Sheriff will determine if a conditional offer of employment will be given to an applicant.

The conditions for an applicant would be to pass a physical examination, a drug screen and a psychological exam. For MCOLES certified applicants, they must also pass a hearing test.

An applicant cannot have been convicted of a felony, must have a valid drivers license and be a high school graduate.

Convictions for drug possession or drug use will also be considered and may disqualify an applicant from employment.

Preference will be given to those that are Michigan Commission On Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES) certified, or possessing a 2 or 4 year degree in Criminal Justice or related field.