Senior Ambassador


The Senior Ambassador program was developed as a community outreach to area seniors, age 60 and over by other seniors who are active in the community in which they reside.  They provide information about the Senior Millage programs, community events, as well as reduce feelings of social isolation and loneliness, which have been amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic.

As part of the Senior Ambassador program initiative, the Senior Ambassador will conduct outreach in their community to area seniors, age 60 and over, and work with the Senior Services office to tailor programming and outreach to the specific area of the county they represent. 


  1. Must be a resident of Calhoun County, age 60 or over.
  2. Must be reliably available by email or phone.
  3. Demonstrate an interest in decreasing feelings of social isolation and loneliness in older adults.
  4. Have reliable transportation – whether your own or through alternative methods.
  5. Have strong communication skills.


  1. Attend regular monthly trainings.
  2. Conduct regular outreach to seniors in your designated area.
  3. Provide information and referrals when appropriate.
  4. Ocassionally assist with special events.
  5. Provide feedback to Senior Services staff about the needs of older adults in your community.
  6. Serve as a local resource for township officials.
  7. Respect the confidentiality of older adults being assisted.

For those interested in serving as Senior Ambassadors, please contact the Senior Services office via phone at 269-781-0846 or email: