Tree Removal Information

Tree operations can only take place between Oct. 1-April 14 each year, due to bat species restrictions. Contractors have throughout the season to complete this work. Contracted crews will remove the trees in the clear zone in each project, then come through to remove debris from the entire project. Then yard restoration will take place. 

This website provides helpful information about this process. Click a link to jump to a section. 

2023-2024 Tree Removal Projects
Federal Aid Safety Grant projects:

  • Bedford Township: Primary road Uldriks Road in Bedford between Cardinal and Meachum
  • Burlington Township: Local road M Drive S in between Oak Grove Rd and Union City Rd/7 Mile Rd
  • Clarence and Lee Townships: Local road T Drive North in between 23 Mile Rd to Monroe Rd, on the west side of Duck Lake

These projects were awarded in 2021 for completion in 2023-2024. Successful projects demonstrate a recent crash history with fatal or incapacitating accidents due to trees just outside of the roadway. 90% of the cost of the project is covered by the grant; CCRD only has to match 10%.

Projects to prepare for upcoming primary road work:

  • Emmett Township: S Wattles Road from Historic Bridge Park to B Drive N where it dead ends
  • Emmett Township: N Wattles from Verona to Michigan Ave
  • Athens Township: R Drive S from the West County Line Road to 1 ½ Mile
These projects precede federally-funded road construction that will take place in 2024. Click here for initial information about the Wattles Road projects. More information about those road projects will be released at the beginning of next year. 

Form for Homeowners
Homeowners who live on the road where the Tree Removal project is taking place have received a flyer and form in the mail asking whether they would like to keep the lumber that is taken down on their property. Homeowners can fill out and mail in the paper form or complete this form, below. This is only available for those who live in the project area. 

I would like to keep the wood from the tree(s) being removed from my property. I understand that trees will be cut in varying lengths & no special length cutting of wood will be performed.

The information below helps us identify which property you live at.

Frequently Asked Questions

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