The Calhoun County Road Department (CCRD) maintains over 1,400 miles of county roads and over 450 miles of state roads.

The roads are maintained by three regional units for winter operations; Albion, Battle Creek and Marshall.  Each unit has an assigned number of lane miles to maintain. On an average winter day, all of our drivers should be able to cover their entire snow route.

Our policy for prioritizing snow removal is as follows: state trunk lines/expressways, primary roads, major local roads then residential/subdivision streets. We will make every effort to respond as quickly as possible; however, local roads and residential/subdivision streets will not be cleared if crews are working overtime, unless there are significant accumulations making them impassable.

Crews remove accumulated snow and ice from the roadway by plowing, applying salt or applying a salt/sand mix depending on current and predicted weather conditions. On local roads, a salt/sand mix will be used on hills, curves and intersections only.  Roads are cleared according to traffic volume and safety concerns.  As time and weather conditions permit, we will provide services to lower volume and residential streets.

We normally maintain our roads from 7:00 am – 3:00 pm, but are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to handle road and weather related emergencies and are in constant contact with 911 dispatchers to respond any time it is necessary.

Snow removal equipment is more difficult to drive than a passenger vehicle. Even though CCRD drivers are trained to operate these vehicles, they still need extra breaking room during bad weather.  Whenever you encounter our equipment and crews, don’t crowd the plow! Please give them plenty of room to work.  Together, we will do the best we can to clear our roads.

It is illegal for property owners to plow, place, pile or store snow, ice or slush on or across a county road in a way that obstructs a driver’s vision or causes a safety hazard for traveling vehicles on the road.

The road department recommends that residents and property owners keep the shoulder in front of and on either side of their driveway clear.  A driveway full of snow by the county plows can be reduced when the snow is cleared on the shoulder for a short distance on either side of the driveway. 

Also, the road department does not remove snow from driveways that results from road clearing operations.  We are sorry for the inconvenience that this snow causes; however, our primary responsibility is to make our public roads as safe and clear as possible.