If you are paying by check, print the form, fill it out and mail it to the following address. Make checks payable to the Calhoun County Road Department.

Calhoun County Road Department
13300 15 Mile Road
Marshall, MI 49068

New addresses are accessible through Oxcart Permit Systems.  
Please follow the link

Click here for instructions on how to use Oxcart Permit Systems
For questions, contact Permit Agent Erin Cummings via email or phone, 269-781-0024.

Addressing Facts

  • There is a county addressing ordinance that was established in 2000.
  • Address numbers must be displayed on both sides of the mailbox and should not be obstructed by other objects.
  • Addresses are based on a measurement and grid system.
  • The Calhoun County Road Department establishes addresses.
  • You cannot receive a building permit without an address.
  • Addresses are not given to vacant property.
  • The north and west sides of the road are odd address numbers and the south and east sides of the road are even address numbers.

Addressing Myths

  • Address numbers are randomly made.
  • Addresses are available on a call in basis.
  • You can make up your own address.
  • You can choose your address number.
  • If you do not like your address number, it can be changed.
  • Your address is not important so it need not be displayed.
  • An address can never be changed.
  • The U.S. Postal Service can change your address or road name.
  • Alias names for roads can be used in place of the authorized road name.

CCRD then notifies:

  • Township Office
  • U.S. Postal Service
  • 911 Dispatch
  • County Equalization Dept.
  • Consumer’s Energy
  • Addresses are entered into the CCRD database.

Address Changes
CCRD can make address changes at any time for the following reasons:

  • Number out of sequence
  • Odd or even address number on the wrong side
  • Road name change
  • Improper number range
  • Address duplication
  • Other special circumstances
  • Upon notification, residents have 30 days to change their address.
  • There may be a monetary penalty if residents do not comply with the address change.
  • An appeal, by the resident, may be made regarding an address change.

A copy of the Address Ordinance is available at our office or online here.

Questions? Please contact:
Calhoun County Road Department
269-781-9841 or Toll free at 800-781-5512