Illegal Dumping Grant Program

IllegalDumping1Let’s Work Together to Clean Up Our Communities
To clean up roadside trash that already exists and work toward ending illegal dumping in Calhoun County, the Solid Waste and Recycling Department has started a grant program to assist with cleanup. Local groups and municipalities that are interested in and willing to lead roadside cleanup efforts can apply for a grant that will support the materials needed to properly dispose of trash. In collaboration with the local municipality, the goal is to clean up roadsides in every part of Calhoun County over the next 2-3 years.

Click here for the application
Once completed, please submit the application to the Solid Waste Coordinator.
Or turn it in to the Community Development Office on the first floor of the Marshall County Building, located at 315 W Green St., Marshall, MI 49068
We know that some items that are found on roads, such as tires, liquids, bagged yard clippings, and oil, are not accepted at landfills, and so the Solid Waste Department will assist in the disposal of those items. Also, the Department can assist with ensuring dumpsters and other materials are acquired at reasonable cost.
Groups that are encouraged to apply are, township residents, service groups, conservation organizations, scouts, neighborhood associations, or church groups. Before applying, it is recommended that the group have a plan for roadside cleanup, including a location where a dumpster can be placed.