The Community Compost Center, located on land owned by Calhoun County, was operated by the City of Marshall.  The County and the City of Marshall worked together regularly to assess the sustainability of the center.  The City of Marshall’s budget couldn’t sustain the center, and the City initiated a notice to terminate the Community Compost Center Agreement.  Neither budget has the amount necessary to run the compost center properly, and Michigan Department of Environmental Quality site visits had revealed that numerous details were not being done according to regulation.  Due to regulatory and budget constraints, the City of Marshall and Calhoun County agreed in November 2016 to permanently close the Community Compost Center located at 19646 Division Drive, Marshall.  Notice was placed in the Advisor and Shopper in December 2016.  All compost material has been removed from the location and the registration with the DEQ was not renewed.

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Area Compost Centers Map

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