C&C Landfill Program

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Calhoun County Residents can access the C&C Landfill recycling center for free. This program is limited to residential recycling, and all participants must have a program card to recycle for free.

  • This program is offered exclusively to Calhoun County residents.
  • The recycling center is open 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, and 7 a.m. to noon on Saturdays.

The C&C Landfill recycling center is located at, 

14800 P Drive N in Marshall, Mich.
Its phone number is 269-781-9742

Newscitizens recycling area
The C&C Landfill has opened a new entrance and scale house. All landfill customers must drive to the new entrance. Recyclers will drive up the ramp to the scale house window and show their pass. After showing their pass, recyclers will take the drive to the right, into the "Citizen Drop-off Area" to the compactor. The landfill is no longer using recycling roll-offs or recycling dumpsters to collect recyclables. 

The compactor is blue, has a door, and is labeled “Recycle.” The compactor door opens and you pour/dump loose recycling down the shoot. Using a compactor and compactor box allows for greater storage capacity and reduced hauling. This means more space for recycling and less times of finding the container full when you drop off your recycling.  

recycling bagged cans
Tip for using the compactor:
Do not put bagged recycling in the C&C Landfill Recycling Compactor.  All recycling must be loose, so it can be sorted. Bagged recycling is often thrown out at Material Recovery Facilities where it is sorted.  

Program cards
Residents can pick up a program card from their local municipality or township. Or request a program card online

At the landfill: After obtaining a program card, participants should stop at the landfill’s scale house to verify their residency each visit. Residents may bring a load of recycling equivalent to what can be held in a 96-gallon cart per visit. All materials must be empty, clean and dry.

Accepted materials: Residents may bring the following items to the landfill recycling center.

  • Paper: magazines, catalogs, junk mail, office paper, phone books and newspaper
  • Cardboard: cardboard, paper bags and paperboard
  • Plastic: plastic jugs/bottles (#1-#2) and household plastic (#3-#7)
  • Metal: aluminum cans and steel, and tin cans
  • Glass: clear and colored glass

Benefits: This partnership between Calhoun County and the C&C Landfill increases time residents can recycle household items and reduces participants’ cost to do so. The single-stream recycling does not require sorting that is required currently at the County’s other recycling centers that are open once a month.

More information: The recycling center accepts the same items as the Republic Services “All-In-One-Recycling” curbside program and requires no sorting.

Request a Recycling Pass
In order to increase access to recycling at this time, the county has decided to issue cards to the C&C Landfill recycling center.  This program is for residents who live in areas that are not served through a single hauler contract.  All residents who live outside of the Cities of Albion, Battle Creek, and Springfield along with the Village of Tekonsha, may fill in the request form and the county will issue a pass and mail it your address.  



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