What is FIMR?

The Fetal Infant Mortality Review (FIMR) is an evidence-based process that identifies and analyzes factors that contribute to fetal and infant deaths. It is a community-based, action-oriented process where the findings are used to assess, plan, improve, and monitor the service systems and community resources that support maternal and infant health. 

Two overarching goals are to describe significant social, economic, cultural, safety, health, and systems factors that contribute to mortality; and to design and implement community-based action plans founded on the information obtained from the reviews.

What is a Case Review Team (CRT)
Simply put, the CRT digs into the case summary and maternal story to identify
gaps. The FIMR Coordinator investigates allFIMR CHart records related to pre-pregnancy, prenatal, NICU, pediatric, vital records, CPS history, law enforcement, medical examiner, etc., and then de-identifies all records. When possible, a maternal interview will take place, which will provide unique insights into the individual case and provide context for broader data points. Once this information is compiled into a case summary, the CRT reviews the de-identified case summary, documents data using the primary, secondary, or tertiary locations, then examines UPSTREAM causes rooted in the social determinants of health, 
making recommendations

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A CRT should be comprised of members from varying backgrounds to provide greater insight into recommendations. 

Members can include (but is not limited to): 

Public Health Health Care Providers Child Welfare Staff
Mental Health Community Organizations Faith-based Organizations
EMS Activists  Bereavement Support
Substance Abuse Family Planning Law Enforcement
Researchers Home Visiting Citizen

Members, if they know the mother and/or infant, are strongly discouraged from sharing any information about the case. This confidentiality is a crucial aspect of our work. However, some additional members may be added to specific meetings due to their specialty background.

The Calhoun County FIMR CRT meets quarterly. 

How do I Learn More?

If you are interested in learning more about the program or the CRT, please contact Andrea Morrison, FIMR 
Coordinator at amorrison@calhouncountymi.gov or 269-234-3764.

What is a Community Action Team (CAT)?
The Community Action Team is created to implement changes and process improvements. The CAT develops creative solutions by finding ways for the local systems to address the CAT recommendations. The team collaborates for community implementation by using community access and influence, collaborating across and within local systems to implement changes. Finally, the CAT's role is to monitor and safeguard by determining if the community needs are changing over time and protecting successful systems changes. These issues may be broad, politically complex, and constantly shifting. They may occur within provider groups/organizations, between organizations, or community-wide.

Given the findings, strategies for healthy births and healthy babies are:

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