Public Swimming Pools and Body Art Facilities

Environmental Public Health staff regularly inspect and permit public swimming pools and body art facilities across Calhoun County to prevent the spread of communicable diseases.

Public Swimming Pools     |     Body Art Facilities

Public Swimming Pools
Calhoun County has approximately 90 licensed swimming pools that are inspected annually to verify water quality, safety, functional mechanical equipment, and overall compliance with EGLE's Public Swimming Pool Code (Public Health Code, Act 368 of 1978).

In addition to annual inspections, facilities turn in quarterly water samples to the health department during periods of operation and the samples are tested for coliform and E. coli bacteria at an approved EPA laboratory.

For more information or any questions regarding public swimming pools contact the Environmental Public Health Department (contact) or visit the links below.

EGLE’s Public Swimming Pool Code     CDC Healthy Swimming
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Body Art Facilities
Operation of a Body Art establishment in Calhoun County requires a license issued by CCPHD. For more information or a list of inspected facilities, visit, or use the [Hours & Locations] page to contact our Environmental Public Health Division office.

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