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CCPHD's Environmental Public Health Division licenses and inspects approximately 500 food service establishments within Calhoun County. These establishments include restaurants, hospitals, and college cafeterias and mobile units.

The purpose of the Environmental Public Health Division’s activities is to reduce the risk posed by food-borne diseases through an effective establishment inspection program and food service education & training.

To report a food borne illness or non-foodborne complaint, please contact Environmental Public Health using the information on the [Hours & Locations] page. 

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Calhoun County Public Health Department offers Food Safety classes and Certified Food Manager classes. Food Safety classes are held every third Tuesday of each month. Interested participants may call our front desk at 269-969-6341 to sign up and pre-pay for registration. 

Food Safety Class at Toeller  Building
(190 E. Michigan Ave. Battle Creek MI)
Food Safety Class Off-Site $300
Food Manager Class and Textbook $166
Food Manager Textbook $41
Food Manger Recertification $114

The Food Safety class provides practical information on food storage, handling, preparation, safe food temperatures, serving, leftovers, cleaning, food borne illness, and many other topics.

The Certified Food Manager class meets all the requirements of Michigan’s Food Code for a certified manager in food service facilities. Michigan’s Food Code and Calhoun County’s Ordinance requires licensed food service establishments to have at least one certified manager on-site during operation.

For additional questions please contact Environmental Public Health using the information on the [Hours & Locations] page. 

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Permits and Licenses

The purpose of licensing is to protect public health by enforcing federal, state, and local regulations relating to the operation of food service establishments.

 All food service establishments are licensed on a yearly basis with each license year beginning on May 1. There is no pro-rating of any license fees. Food service license fees are determined by various factors including the menu complexity, operating season, and nonprofit status.

 Fixed Food Licensing

 New establishments are licensed at the time of their pre-opening inspection. All currently licensed facilities are mailed a renewal application in early March.

 Temporary Food Licensing

 An inspection will be conducted at the temporary food service location during operation.

Once an application has been completed, it must be returned to the Calhoun County Public Health Department for approval. Unless prior permission has been granted, all applications must be submitted in person.

For additional questions please contact  Environmental Public Health using the information on the [Hours & Locations] page. .

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 Plan Reviews

As part of CCPHD’s licensing procedure, CCPHD reviews restaurant plans. The purpose of the program is to assure that all newly constructed or remodeled food service establishments have adequate equipment and facilities allowing for safe and sanitary food service as required by federal, state, and local regulations. 

Plan Review for Fixed Food Service Establishment

 Special Transitory Food Unit/Mobile Food Establishment

 If the facility runs on a well and septic system please contact Environmental Public Health (contact) for information regarding inspections and water sampling.

For additional questions please contact Environmental Public Health using the information on the [Hours & Locations] page, or visit the Michigan Department of Agriculture (link) website.

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