Environmental Public Health Division

Environmental Public Health’s primary mission is to protect the public from adverse impacts of man-made, natural, biological, and chemical environmental factors.

Communicable Diseases
The Communicable Disease Control Division is responsible for the epidemiological investigation, prevention, intervention, control and surveillance of communicable diseases in Calhoun County.

Emergency Preparedness
Emergency Preparedness is dedicated to promoting a state of readiness and prompt response to protect the health of the citizens of Calhoun County during a public health emergency/disaster, including natural, technological, and terrorist events.

Food & Facilities
The Environmental Public Health Division licenses and inspects food service establishments, tattoo, and piercing facilities, campgrounds, daycare facilities, and more within Calhoun County. 
Food Safety Classes
Permits and Licenses
Plan Reviews

Public Swimming Pools & Body Art Facilities
Environmental Public Health staff regularly inspect and permit public swimming pools and body art facilities across Calhoun County to prevent the spread of communicable diseases.

Well & Septic Water Testing
At the time of property transfer, wells and septic systems shall be inspected.
On-site water supply system evaluations
Inspections, Permits, and Licensing for Well and Septic systems

Tick and Mosquito (Vector) Surveillance and Reporting
CCPHD performs and surveillance for mosquito and tick-borne diseases in order to inform the public about preventative measures and control options.

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Environmental Public Health Quarterly Newsletter

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