Communicable Diseases Reporting for Schools

Schools and childcare facilities are required to submit a weekly communicable disease report. Calhoun County Communicable Disease (CD) staff will review the data weekly to monitor trends in the community.

If a school or childcare facility suspects of any serious disease, condition, or unusual cluster, contact the CD staff as soon as possible.
In each school or childcare building, one person should be assigned to collect the required communicable disease information daily and submit through the website below:

Guidelines for Safe Child Care Operations During COVID-19 

Cool Schools CD Reporting          Managing Communicable Diseases in Schools

Refer to the booklet Managing Communicable Diseases in Schools for:

  • Disease Basics and Procedures
  • Reporting
  • List of Reportable Diseases with Information and Exclusion Guidelines

 For more information contact CCPHD Communicable Disease.

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