Parks Millage

The Calhoun County Board of Commissioners approved a Parks Millage to go to the voters in 2020. 

Voting will take place Tuesday, August 4, 2020

The Calhoun County Parks and Recreation Commission would be responsible for overseeing the funds collected by the millage and ultimately, all decisions of how and where money is spent is approved by the County Board of Commissioners. The Parks and Recreation Commission would use 50% of funds to develop and maintain current county parks, and 50% of funds would be used by other municipalities to develop parks in their own communities. Below is a list of projects expected to be undertaken in the first three years of the millage.

How would the millage work?
The proposed millage rate is .2 mills for five years. If voters approve the millage, the owner of a house worth $100,000 would pay $10 per year.

The millage would generate approximately $730,000 per year to be used to operate, preserve, acquire, maintain, and develop parks in Calhoun County. Each year, 50% of the millage revenue ($365,000) would be available to all municipalities for local park projects, with each allocation based on population size.

How much will it cost?
Your Home's Market Value >> Estimated Annual Cost

 $75,000 >> $7.50
$100,000 >> $10
$150,000 >> $15
$200,000 >> $20
$250,000 >> $25

Munipality Allocation Amounts


Population based allocation

Albion Township


Athens Township


Bedford Charter Township


Burlington Township


Clarence Township


Clarendon Township

 $ 3,058.48

Convis Township


Eckford Township


Emmett Charter Township


Fredonia Township


Homer Township


Lee Township


Leroy Township

 $ 9,957.52

Marengo Township


Marshall Township


Newton Township


Pennfield Township


Sheridan Township

 $ 5,197.80

Tekonsha Township


Athens Village


Burlington Village


Homer Village


Tekonsha Village


City of Albion


City of Battle Creek


City of Marshall


City of Springfield


Municipal Total