Other Calhoun County Parks

Trail OTT BIOLOGICAL PRESERVE (6)Calhoun County Trail

Trailheads: 14930 Wattles Rd., Battle Creek
1158 East Michigan Ave., Battle Creek
1129 Olive St., Battle Creek
410 Jameson St., Battle Creek
904 East Emmett St, Battle Creek

Size: 5.3 miles


In 2014, the 5.3 mile Calhoun County Trail was constructed along a parks corridor in Emmett Township. It begins where the Battle Creek Linear Path ends, then traverses various open space easements, Ott Preserve, Kimball Pines, and ends in Historic Bridge Park. Other sections of trail may be constructed, and when completed, will cross Calhoun County, connecting communities and providing residents with a safe place to walk, run, or bike. The Calhoun County Trailway is owned and managed by the parks department while the Calhoun County Trailway Alliance is responsible for raising the funds to maintain the Trailway through an endowment held at the Battle Creek Community Foundation.  


The non-motorized Trailway is suitable for pedestrians, wheel chairs, and bicycles and was built as an ADA compliant trail. Unfortunately, there are areas that will prove difficult for many due to the natural slopes in various places along the trail. 

Albion Park (Under development)

Location: M-99 & Condit Road, Albion, MI 49224
Size: 65 acres


In 2019 Calhoun County purchased the yet unnamed “Albion Park.” The park will serve as a trail hub for the Great Lake to Lake Trail, Iron Belle Trail, North Country National Scenic Trail, and Albion River Trail, all of which intersect in close proximity to the 65 acre farmland. The parcel is located near Albion College's Equestrian Facility and provides the possibility of development of equestrian trails. There are two structures on the property that will be demolished during the development of the park. A Natural Resources Trust Fund Grant has been granted for the first phase of development which includes a paved trail, parking, signage, waste bins, and more.