Employee Recognition Committee

"Calhoun County encourages employee retention by promoting a culture of engagement through communication, appreciation and recognition."

ERC Members:

  • Commissioner Kathy-Sue Vette
  • Kelli Scott, County Administrator/Controller
  • Phil Amsterburg, Circuit Court
  • Sarah Parker, Circuit Court
  • Shannon Topp, District Court
  • Brent Thelen, GIS
  • Brigette Reichenbaugh, Health Department
  • Megan Sharkey, Human Resources
  • Melissa Jelinek, Prosecutor's Office
  • Lucy Blair, County Administration
  • Melinda Weaver, Treasurer's Office

Employee of the Month Nomination Information

  • Any Calhoun County employee (excluding Elected & Appointed Officials and temporary/contract employees) in good standing who has not already received the Employee of the Month award during the previous 12 months is eligible to be nominated.
  • Anyone may submit a nomination including members of the public, co-workers, supervisors, elected officials, etc. Self-nominations are not permitted.
  • Nominations will be reviewed by the ERC monthly.
  • Nominations not immediately selected will be considered for 12 months.

Events & Celebrations Submission Information

  • Do you have a birthday, anniversary, celebratory announcement or article you want included in a future County Connections or Wellness Newsletter?
  • Anyone may submit an event/article/celebration, including members of the public.