MiFile is used by Calhoun County 10th District Court-Civil Cases and Probate Court

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11 a.m.-12:30 p.m., May 17

What is MiFile?
MiFile is an electronic filing system allowing you to file your court documents from anywhere.  Parties can see documents filed, served and noticed through MiFILE in their MiFILE account for up to one year.

Do I have to e-file?
Attorneys are required to use the MiFile system pursuant to Michigan Court Rule 1.109(G)(3)(f).  Non-attorneys are not required to e-file, but may do so for eligible case types.

What case types are eligible for e-filing in Calhoun County?
10th District Court civil cases such as: landlord/ tenant (LT), small claims (SC), land contract forfeiture (SP) and general civil (GC).

Probate Court cases such as: guardianships (GA/GL/GM/LG/DD), conservatorships (CA/CY), estates (DA/DE), and trusts (TT/TV).

*At this time no other case types may use e-filing in Calhoun County*

How do I file a case using MiFile?
Use this link to access the MiFile log in page:

You will need to create an account. Creating an account is free. There are several MiFile tutorials available.
ATTORNEYS: Please make sure the email address you use for your MiFile Account is the same email address on file with the State Bar of Michigan. 

How do I pay the filing fees using MiFile?
Filing fees can be paid with a credit card in MiFile.

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Information about service process: 
The Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office is still available to serve process for you.  We are Calhoun County’s only full-time and full-service process servers.  We use full-time deputies and serve papers nights and weekend. 

Papers can be e-mail to civilprocess@calhouncountymi.gov
Or mailed to:             
Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office – Civil Division
161 East Michigan Avenue
Battle Creek MI. 49014

If you have any questions, please call 269-969-6424 or visit the Sheriff's Office Civil Division website.

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