Domestic Violence Intervention Court (DVIC)

Domestic Violence Intervention Court (DVIC) Judge: Hon. Tracie Tomak
Case Manager: Madelyn Heisler 
Probation department telephone number: 269-969-6657

Calhoun County Justice Center
District Courtroom #317
161 E Michigan Ave., Battle Creek, MI 49014

Other important telephone numbers: 
Hands on Battle Creek: 2-1-1
Substance Abuse Services SWMBH: 1-800-781-0353
Summit Pointe: 269-966-1460

A community coordinated response to END intimate partner violence in Calhoun County

The Domestic Violence Intervention Court (DVIC) is dedicated to reducing the number of intimate partner violence incidents in Calhoun County through a coordinated community effort, which focuses on safety and accountability. The Court will work toward the establishment of consistent practices and policies to eliminate the dynamics of power and control found in abusive relationships. The Court will strive to dispense equal justice, in all domestic violence matters under the Court's jurisdiction, in a prompt and efficient manner.

Program Information
DVIC follows the standards put forth from the Governor's Task Force on Batterer Intervention. Read more. 

DVIC participants are responsible to: 
Comply with all terms of Probation
Attend DVIC Court Review Sessions in District Court with Judge Tracie L. Tomak
Attendance will be required every 90 days, at a minimum, but may vary as ordered by the Court. 
Attend and complete all counseling and/or treatment programs: 
a) Healthy Relationships ($25/weekly for 26-52 weeks) REQUIRED
b) Substance Abuse Treatment*
c) Mental Health Counseling*
*At the discretion of the Court
Accept responsibility for violence behavior towards intimate partner

Incentives MAY include:
Early release from Probation
Waiver of some fines/costs/fees
Excused attendance from some court review sessions
Reduction or dismissal of charges, if eligible (MCL 769.4a)

Note: Not all participants will be eligible for all incentives.

Healthy Relationship Classes: 
Healthy Relationship Counseling focuses on teaching individuals to identify abusive behaviors and learn tools and skills to have healthy, nonviolent relationships. Individuals can enter the program voluntarily or by court order. 

Healthy Relationships LLC (in-person or online) 
Facilitator: Julie Robert

KPEP (In person only)
Facilitator: Robert Chatel
203 Brigden Drive Battle Creek, MI 

What is Intimate Partner Violence?
Intimate partner violence is violence by a current or former spouse or partner. Many different types of abusive behaviors are used by individuals. Some abuse tactics may include but are not limited to: physical abuse; emotional abuse; economic abuse; intimidation; threats or coercion; isolation; using the children as threats or pawns; and minimizing, denying, or blaming another for one's abusive behaviors. 

Healthy Relationship Counseling vs Anger Management Counseling
Healthy Relationship Counseling is a Battering Intervention Program. It is the most appropriate intervention method because it focuses on how to end the use of abusive and violent behaviors. Classes address why individuals are abusive toward their partners, then, teach skills and tools necessary for healthy, nonviolent relationships. Healthy Relationship Counseling differs greatly from Anger Management Counseling, which focuses on the healthy expression of anger, rather than the power and control components involved in intimate partner violence.