Family Court

State of Michigan seal37th Judicial Circuit Court - Family Division

Main Number - 269-969-6732

Attorney Referees

Attorney Marc Crotteau
Attorney Mark Mohler, Jr.
Attorney R. Scott Coleman
Attorney Larry Snyder
Attorney Kristen Getting

Deputy Circuit Court Administrator
Phillip Amsterburg

Clerical Services Supervisor
Carrie Marciszewski 

Family Division Contact Information
The Family Division has several units. For the best assistance please use one of the following numbers depending on the nature of your call:

Juvenile Probation: 269-969-6775
Judicial Enforcement (Collections) - 269-969-6713
Juvenile Delinquency - 269-969-6560 or 269-969-6569
Child Protective Proceedings - 269-969-6806 or 269-969-6805
Child Support, Custody or Parenting Time - 269-969-6623 or 269-969-6625
Adoptions - 269-969-6727

Assistants for Referee Crotteau and Referee Mohler:
Child Protective Proceedings:  (269) 969-6806
Juvenile Delinquency Proceedings: Jenee Bigelow (269) 969-6560
Domestic Proceedings: Kym Hartung: (269)969-6623

Assistants for Referee Coleman and Referee Snyder
Child Protective Proceedings: (269)969-6805
Juvenile Delinquency Proceedings: Jenee Bigelow (269)969-6560
Domestic Proceedings: Colleen Barlond: (269)969-6625