Types of Adoptions

  • Step-parent Adoption (See Packet)
  • Direct Placement Adoption
  • Relative Adoption
  • Adult Adoption (See Packet)
  • Guardianship Adoptions
  • Permanent Court Ward Adoption

There are several different kinds of adoptions; slightly different procedures apply to each. This information is meant to assist with frequently asked questions, but Court personnel cannot give legal advice. Please consult an attorney for more detailed information and answers or go to Michigan Legal Help for free online information.

Filing Requirements

  • Filing Fees: $175.00 per child. Each child requires a separate case.
  • Petition for Adoption. See below for links to petition forms.
  • Investigation Fee: $300.00 per family, not per petition (required for all adoptions not involving an agency)
  • Petitioners and/or adoptee must be a resident of Calhoun County
  • Must have non-custodial parent’s consent for a step-parent adoption if they are still a legal parent or conduct a termination hearing
  • Adoptee must consent to the adoption if they are 14 years old or older (Consent Form)
  • Petitioners are responsible for serving papers and paying for the cost of service or publication
  • A request to waive filing fees may be made to the court by submitting a Fee Waiver Request if the Petitioner meets the financial guidelines

Documents Required at the time of filing

  • A certified copy of the adoptee’s birth certificate, marriage certificates of petitioner(s), birth certificate(s) of petitioner(s).
  • A certified or true copy of any affidavit of parentage, divorce decree and/or child support order, including any modifications to the original order for petitioner and adoptee if applicable
  • Death Certificate of a biological parent if parent is deceased
  • Filing fees
  • Petition for Adoption for Relative/Guardian, Adult and Foster Care Adoption (PCA 301), Petition for Direct Placement Adoption (PCA 301a) or Petition for Step-parent Adoption (PCA 301b).

Stages of an Adoption Case

     1.  Filing and processing an Adoption Petition at the Circuit Court Clerk's Office.
     2.  Court Investigation completed
     3. Termination of existing parent's parental rights if needed
     4.  Confirmation and finalization of the adoption


In every adoption that does not involve an assisting agency, the judge will sign an Order for Investigation and the relevant parties will be contacted by a court investigator. The investigator will complete an adoption investigation report and will file it with the court.

Legal Resources

Michigan Legal Help

Post-Adoption Information and Searches

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