Economic Development

The Calhoun County Economic Development Corporation (CCEDC) was created to assist and retain local industries, to strengthen and revitalize the economy, to encourage the relocation and expansion of commercial enterprises, and to provide means for encouragement and assistance of industrial and commercial enterprises in locating and expanding in the county.

The CCEDC provides needed services and facilities to accomplish the following:
  • Construct, acquire, or improve projects and necessary lands
  • Acquire machinery, furnishings, and equipment for projects
  • Provide secured or unsecured loans, participate in loan making, and manage mortgages
  • Borrow money and issue bonds or notes for financing projects
  • Enter into leases, lease purchase agreements, or installment sales contracts
  • Mortgage projects and sell or convey them as deemed necessary
  • Lend, grant, transfer, or convey funds as permitted by law
Articles of Incorporation
By Laws

The board of directors of the Corporation consists of nine persons, not more than three of whom shall be an officer or employee of the County of Calhoun. 

Calhoun County Economic Development Corporation 

Name  Organization Term Expires 
Kelli Scott Calhoun County 12/31/28
Greg Moore Consumers Energy 12/31/24
Monique French Calhoun County 12/31/24
Joe Sobieralski BCU 12/31/26
Mark Montross Bronson BC 12/31/26
Virgie Ammerman Albion EDC 12/31/26
Art Kale Homer Village 12/31/27
Jim Durian Choose Marshall 12/31/28
Vester Davis City of Springfield 12/31/28

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Program