Election Inspectors

Election Inspector Training ~ this training is designed to be done virtually or in small in-person gatherings in a socially distanced manner.  Virtual Sessions can be completed at the inspectors leisure.  The completed Certification Test must be turned-in to your local clerk no later than October 13, 2020.  Upon successful completion of the Certification Test, the local election commission will appoint inspectors for the November 3, 2020 General Election. 
Resources:     Training Points Booklet
                         Managing Your Precinct on Election Day flip chart  (January 2020)
                          Changes in Michigan Election Laws  (0.58 YouTube Video)
                          Election Day Acronyms
                         Polling Place Safety and Accessibility
                          Assisting Seniors and Voters with Disabilities
                          Test for Certification

Preliminary Session Election Inspectors Needed!
                         Qualifications of Becoming an Election Inspector Audio PPTX
                         Election Inspector Application

Session 1 ~  Covering the Basics
                         Opening the Polls  (5:50 minute YouTube Video]
                         Checks and Balances/Quality Control  (3:51 Video)
                         Processing Voters (8:03 Video);  and
                                 Basic Reminders for Processing Voters  PPTX  (watch in Presenter View to see additional Notes)
                         Polling Place Greeting Application (optional: for use with multiple precincts at same location (3:02 Video)

Session 2 ~  Election Day Situations  
                        Missing Voter Flow ChartMissing Voter Scenarios 1-8Missing Voter Scenario Responses                      
                        Campaigning  (1:57 Video);  Campaigning  PPTX
                        Election Challengers  (4:00 Video);   Poll Watcher vs Challenger  PPTX
                        Processing AV Ballots in the Precinct  PPTX

Session 3 - After the Polls Close
                         Closing the Polls  (6:21 Video)
                         Duplicating Ballots  (2:20 Video)
                         Write-in Blank Page;  Write-in Exercise  PPTX
                         Sealing Ballot Containers  (2:04 Video)

Additional Training:
      *  Absent Voter Counting Board inspectors
                       What, When and How of AV Counting Boards
                      Bureau of Elections Training Video 
                           Election Officials Manual, Chapter 8  AV Ballot Election Day Processing
AVCB Pollbook Content
     * Electronic Poll Book operators:   
                        What's New for August 2020 Handout; Video available in eLearning - contact your local clerk for access
                            Inspector Manual (Feb. 2020)
                            Tips for Success
                            Database Instructionscontact your local clerk for Database 1 Ballot Style  and 2 Ballot Style exercises 
     *  Receiving Board inspectors:         
                        PowerPoint Presentation
                        Receiving Board Oath
                         Q & A
                        Board of Canvasser Checklist
                        Receiving Board Certification
                       Post-Election  AVCB Audit WorksheetPost-Election Precinct Audit Worksheet  
                       Receiving Board Highlight Review, 10/22/20 , PPT;  Zoom Recording 30:44 minutes

Equipment Resources:  YouTube Videos ~  ICX Setting Up and Opening the Polls;  Voting on the ICX;   Accessible Voting on the ICX;  Powering Down the ICXFull Video 7:26;   ICP Opening and Operating 
Documents ~  ICP 5.5 Operations Guide;  ICX 5.5 Operations Guide;   ICP & ICX Opening/Closing reminders