ALL Assumed Name and Co-Partnership forms must be notarized in front of a Notary.  All of our office staff are notaries to help with this service and require a valid Driver’s License or State ID to process. 

The Certificate of Assumed Name and Certificate of Co-Partnership are legal documents.  They should be filed in all counties in which business is conducted.  Information given on these forms should be as complete and accurate as possible.

It is your responsibility to check local resources to verify that no existing business is using the same name or a name confusingly similar to the name you have chosen.  Names used at the County level are not exempt from use at the State level and vice versa.

It is your responsibility to notify this office and file the required forms if you:

  • Change the principal business address
  • Add or delete listed owners
  • Dissolve the business

Listed below are some the agencies that handle other requirements and regulations which may affect your business.  Please contact them directly for any information regarding your business.

Corporations, LLC’s, Non-Profit organizations and LLP’s DO NOT file with this office.

Contact the Corporation Division of the Michigan Dept. of Licensing & Regulatory Affairs (see contact information below).

This office only has knowledge of the requirements for an Assumed Name (DBA) and Certificate of Co-Partnership forms filed in Calhoun County.

Certificate of Co-Partnership
Assumed Name (DBA) Certificate-Amendment-Dissolution
Certified Copy of Birth Record
Certified Copy of Death Record
Certified Copy of Marriage Record

Corporation Division & Mich-Elf                                *   Corporations
 P.O. Box 30054                                                                     *   LLC’s                                                   
Lansing, MI 48909                                                              *   LLP’s
 (517) 241-6470                                                                   *   Non-Profit Companies
www.michigan.gov/lara                                                   *   Trademark information
As of October 1, 2016 you can renew online

Licensing Division
P.O. Box 30004                                                                    *  Commercial Licensing
Lansing, MI 48909                                                             *  Industry Services
(517) 335-9700                           

Tax Information
State: Michigan Dept. of Treasury
Business Registry

Internal Revenue Service
Business Services