Board of Canvassers

The Board of County Canvassers is comprised of two Democrats and two Republicans appointed to alternating four-year terms, by the County Board of Commissioners, according to Michigan Election Law. Canvassers are responsible for the certification of election returns for all national, state, local, and school offices. The Board is also responsible for conducting recounts for all units of government in the County. Administrative support is provided by the Office of the County Clerk. 

Board of Canvassers
Chairman  Sue Groth Republican   Term expires 10/31/2021 
Vice-Chairman Brendel Hatley Democrat  Term expires 10/31/2021 
Member  Susan Buckley Democrat  Term expires 10/31/2023 
Member  Pamela Lasley      Republican    Term expires 10/31/2023 
Clerk to the Board of Canvassers   (non-voting member)     Kimberly Hinkley

The Election Commission is comprised of the Chief Judge of the Probate Court, the County Clerk, and the County Treasurer. The Commission is responsible for the approval of ballot preparation for state and county elections; and approving or disapproving the clarity of the language on petitions to recall elected officials. Administrative support is provided by the Office of the County Clerk. 

Election Commission
Probate Judge  Chairperson  Chief Judge Michael Jaconette 
Clerk and Register of Deeds   Clerk  Kimberly Hinkley 
Treasurer  Member  Brian Wensauer