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Calhoun County Public Health Department’s (CCPHD) mission is to enhance our community's total well-being by promoting healthy lifestyles, protecting health, and preventing disease. We do this through our programs to prevent and control communicable diseases, programs that protect Calhoun County citizens and visitors from environmental hazards, and programs that directly link county residents to access to care. We conduct research to document the health status and health concerns of the population and partner with our community to develop strategies for improving overall health and well-being.

Community Public Health Division
Community Public Health provides direct links for county residents to access health care and support through assessment, coordination of care, health education, and referral to appropriate community resources.

Environmental Public Health Division
Environmental Public Health’s primary mission is to protect the public from adverse impacts of man-made, natural, biological, and chemical environmental factors

Public Health

Community Public Health Division Programs and Services: 

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Environmental Public Health Programs and Services:

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